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Francis is the Unapologetic Dude - he is an irreverent international speaker who specializes in humorous, energetic, authentic and creative talks.

His talks and workshops are known for their fun, irreverent yet practical and life changing style. This has earned him the affectionate nickname as the Unapologetic Dude. Francis has spoken for audiences in the Philippines, the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia Singapore, China, Australia and New Zealand.


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Unapologetic Change: Disruption and Reconstruction

This pandemic plunged many businesses in the middle of a crisis. But in Chinese, crisis is the same word as opportunity. This pandemic can either lead your business to extinction or it can lead it to evolution. The secret lies in how we take the destruction and disruption brought about by the pandemic and use that as a trigger to rebuild something wonderful and better. This talk will introduce you to the Phoenix Effect which is a powerful process of creative disruption that will eventually lead to powerful innovation for your company preparing you for a stronger and brighter post-pandemic future.


Aruga: The Commerce of Compassion

This pandemic has shifted consumer behavior in unexpected ways. The sense of solidarity brought by this pandemic has made compassion an important attribute that consumers look for in businesses they want to engage with. This talk will talk about the Filipino value of "Aruga" which means a deep-seated compassion for a human being and will share with companies concrete steps that they can use compassion to help build stronger consumer relationships.


Unapologetic Leadership

We all have great ambitions, both for ourselves and for our businesses. But sometimes we lose our vision along the way simply because of doubts brought about by the opinions of others. Do we keep our original vision? When do we let go? When do we rebuild? This session will show you 3 powerful road signs that will help you decide whether you need to keep your current vision or build a new one.

Fresh Perspectives.
Unexpected Ideas that Work.

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See what others have to say about Francis Miranda as their keynote speaker.

Bo Sanchez
Bestselling Author

Francis Miranda is a gift to his audience. He will inspire with his deep passion for life; He will selflessly share his practical wisdom, drawing from his vast experience in leading companies and empowering multiple start-ups.

Cindee McBride
Director of Tennessee Valley and North Georgia Region at Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians

I attended a seminar on digital marketing that was led by Francis Miranda. There are not enough characters to write my praise for this seminar or more specifically for Francis, so I will just focus on one letter. The letter “E”.

Francis was Energetic, Eloquent, Enthralling and Enjoyable to listen to. His teaching was Engaging, Exuberant, Entertaining and shared some of his own personal experiences to help Enlighten us. He is an Effective communicator with an Exceptional delivery that appears to be Effortlessly. His words will be Everlasting. I am Elated to use the Extensive information I have Erudite from Francis.

Charisse Winecki
Insight-Led, Solution-Driven Marketing Leader

I attended a training led by Francis. Although the content was useful, it was Francis’ delivery and personal experiences and contributions that made this class amazing. As a speaker he is engaging and dynamic, and provides commentary that is consciously relevant to his audience. Francis went above and beyond the content during this course and provided additional insights and information that facilitated a deeper understanding of the content.

Vicki Lewis
Senior Marketing & Business Development Professional Executing Integrated Campaigns That Propel Brand Awareness, Engagement & Business Results

I would highly recommend Francis Miranda's Digital Marketing class to learn or refresh my digital marketing skills. He is an extremely engaging presenter/trainer, and his global advertising and marketing background provided a unique and interesting perspective, with fascinating case histories. What was most impressive, was that the class was not just theory; Francis suggested specific strategies and tactics for real-life digital campaign situations, numerous times, for each of the attendees. I am interested in taking a social media class, but only if Francis is the instructor.

Pam Westcott Owner,
Westcott Communications

I was impressed by the way Francis interacted with the class, individually and as a group. He gave us several exercises and effectively used chat to get our input and then provide real-world ideas and suggestions for our various businesses. I appreciate the nuts and bolts "how to's" that I will be using immediately. That's what I was looking for.

Well worth my time and investment.

Jordan L. Carmley
Public Relations Coordinator of Chota Community Health Services

Francis Miranda was one of the most knowledgeable and entertaining marketing mentors that I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. As the instructor of a two-day workshop, he inspired and motivated me to grow my digital marketing career by providing me with powerful pieces of knowledge and resources. I highly recommend Francis as a marketing educator and keynote speaker.

Christine Vanegmond
Marketing Manager at Gentek Building Products

I recently took a training session from Frances and it was well worth the time and money. He is well informed, engaging, and had me feeling like an expert by the ending of the two-day course. I will be taking other courses from him soon.

I would highly recommend if you have a chance to sit through and of Francis's that you do.

Tom Bilyeu
Professor of Business at Southwestern Illinois College

I completed a workshop with Francis. Enjoyed the camp very much! The content was presented in an organized fashion that made the learning experience easy. Francis displayed an excellent understanding of his craft and made the interactive experience fun. Tom Bilyeu, Department Coordinator, Management, Marketing at Southwestern Illinois College

Colleen Prechtl
Workforce Solutions for North Central PA Career Counselor

I was fortunate enough to attend a  presentation where Francis Miranda was the speaker. He was very informative, gave great ideas on how to improve success rates with social media, and made the session fun and relaxing. I highly recommend his presentations.

Marga Castro Zarraga
President Philippine Medical Society of New England

Francis is a captivating speaker. My seatmates were wiping tears from their eyes. He touched our hearts and hot the participants into a mood of self-reflection. It's not just a voiceover and a deck of slides. Francis speaks to your soul.

JPaul Hernandez
Bestselling Author of "How Underdogs Can Become Overcomers" Entrepreneur Motivational Speaker

Francis Miranda is an industry master in creative advertising and executive leadership, with years of experience in transforming hopeless projects into gold. As a gold world-class speaker, he has the power to light a fire in the lives of participants, and help them achieve their full potential.

Minnie Delena
Vice President Weber Shandwick

Francis is such an amazing presence and a fireball of contagious positive energy! Knowing and working with him since 2001, I've witnessed his evolution from a young creative, to a regional leader, and not to a successful and sought after mentor and international motivational speaker. The passion in which he throws himself into projects is palpable and sincere and thus is easily endeared to the people he works with. Collaborating with Francis is an opp that's a must-try and a can't miss!

Kia Alvarez-Abrera
Founder and CEO of
Braveworks Inc.

Francis is a game-changer in the public speaking and advertising field. His talks are humorous, inspiring, thought-provoking, authentic. His messaging is reinforced by his armory of experience. His communication strategy style is rooted in deep troubleshooting - he will keep asking you questions until you realize your potential and the potential of your organization, and then you’ll collaborate and work on a solution together. He’s restless about things he wants to change and finds joy in developing potential in others who want to make a real difference. I’m privileged to be working alongside Francis and to be personally mentored by him.

Mark Ericzon Tan
Financial Advisor at Pru Life UK

His awesome, enthusiastic and entertaining. I love the way he coached. He's very engaging with it comes to public speaking and aside from it, you will enjoy listening to him while learning to him because this speaker has a sense of humor to say. His really worth recommended.

Speaker. Team Builder. Unapologetic Consultant.

Francis Miranda is the Unapologetic Dude. He is an irrevently inspirational and transformative speaker based in Boston. Humorous. Thought-provoking. Energetic. His speaking style will push you or your organization out of your comfort zone, and help you create a new, effective way of doing that is relevant in this pandemic-riddled world.

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